Our commercial electrical services consist of new and remodel work on office spaces, restaurants, retail spaces, hotels, motels, and multifamily dwellings (apartments).

Other Services


New and remodel work on power distribution, machinery relocation, lighting upgrades, and any other electrical requirements in an industrial environment such as factories and warehouses.


New and remodel work on single family dwellings from 800 sq. ft to 15,000 sq. ft., service calls.

Why are the outside lights on during the middle of the day?
The lights are probably on a photo cell or a timeclock. The photo cell may need to be replaced, if they are on a time clock, the time needs to be adjusted due to power outage or the time change.
If I am leasing or renting space in a building, who do I call if I have electrical problems?
Check you lease or rental agreement first because many times the landlords manage their own properties.