Our residential electrical services consist of new and remodel work on single family dwellings from 800 sq. ft to 15,000 sq. ft.

Other Services


New and remodel work on power distribution, machinery relocation, lighting upgrades, and any other electrical requirements in an industrial environment such as factories and warehouses.


New and remodel work on office space, restaurants, retail space, hotel, motels, and multifamily dwellings (apartments).

Are space heaters safe to use in your home?
Yes, they cannot be plugged into an extension cord and they require monthly cleaning to remove dust, dirt and hair. This can be done by using canned air, an air compressor, or disassembled and cleaned with a brush. Keep away from flammable items.
Why do my lights flicker when it’s windy out?
The connections may be loose or frayed at the weather head on your house. The solution is to contact your electric company and have them come out and check it.
Is aluminum wire safe in your houses wiring?
Yes, it is still considered safe. To insure good connections, you can purchase aluminum rated wire nuts which allows you to connect aluminum with copper without corrosion.